Group Classes

Group classes designed to meet any fitness goal

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Stress Relief

Yoga provides so much value to your daily life and well-being, including providing some much-needed stress relief. When your neverending to-list hijacks your brain’s bandwidth, it leads to an increase in stress. Get some relief by stepping on to your mat to move your body and bring yourself back to the present.

Gentle Flow

Move and flow through a sequence of gentle postures as you stay present with your breath. Use these gentle movements to tune into your body, focus on your breathing, and get some clarity in your mind. Flowing from one movement to the next will aid in recovery and improve your flexibility, balance, and mobility.

Breathwork & Meditation

Bring your focus to the four corners of your mat, and leave any worries or stress behind. Spend some quality time focusing on your breath and how you feel in the present moment. Practice slow, gentle movements along with breathing techniques to revive your body and rejuvenate a tired or cluttered mind.